Yes Thats Mason

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!  Hope yours was as great as ours was!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well we went to Tucson to visit and since we had the whole family together we Had some Figueira Family pictures taken! It has been a while since we did but it was worth it! There are a few funny ones because this family can never be serious. We did finally get a serious one!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Party Time! We had a fun time doing a photo shot for the girls and there friends.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yeah Camping!

So here we go! A camping trip with the boat for the first time. We were a little worried about taking the boat because we had never used it and it was a boat that Johns grandma gave us. Before we left we filled it up with water to make sure there was no leaks. Nope no leaks. Good we thought, no what. We needed a battery for the motor. Well we decided to use an old car battery. So after so many tries we got it working. YEAH! Registration, that was a whole other issue. We were thinking couldn't be too bad! Right! Well about 180 dollars later, including fishing licences we better get our fill. As you can see John and I have never owned a boat. We better catch 180 dollars worth of fish. Well wait till you see the fish we caught........

After all that effort and time we only caught 2 fish. I must say the experience was worth all the money in the world to see my kids catch a fish for the first time. Little to say that the boat ride was so fun because I was on the shore watching the boat sift from side to side. I was wondering why was john and mason rowing. John took 2 batteries so that if one died he would have another as a back up. Smart thinking right. Well it would help if he brought the tools on the boat to switch the batteries when one dies. So here they are its raining and the battery dies and they are way out in the middle of the lake with no tools to change the battery and they had to row all the way in.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Its sports time! This year we did some forn activities! Mason played basketball and Cassidy did Cheer! GoGoGo! Cassidy was the Dynamite Girls and Mason was the Raptors. The Saturday were very long, unless we got to cheer for Mason's games. Those days were the best! I was pretty excited to learn that when you sign up for these events there is no coaches. So.... as things turned out I got to be the cheer coach because non of the parents had no experence. It was a great time for me and Cassidy. I got to go back and remember the good old days of cheerleading and dancing in Tucson.


Another one of the big events of the year was the puppy event. We were puppy parents. This was such a great event that my kids took most of these pictures. The saddest part is when we have to say good bye to them.

Kaeli, Cassidy, and Cydney also dressed up for a fun 50's party at their school. Cydney was so cute. She tried out for the hula hoop contest and won. I didn't even know she was so good at it.

Camping slides